Since graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in 2001, I have spent much of my time designing different ARCHITECTURAL PROJECTS all over the world. Drawing and sketching have always been a part of my life, especially during my years of training and working as an architect. At first painting represented primarily a means of self-discovery and expression for me, but over the years it has become an integral part of who I am.

I am smitten, and at the same time intrigued, by the underlying, yet unspoken and sublime conversation, that a painting can evoke within one’s subconsciousness. The range and possibility between the brush stroke; whether it be simple or complex, coupled with its overall effect, both inspires and challenges me to induce certain sense of the unknown, intimacy, as well as awe. I get immersed into interpreting the subconscious symbolism, especially those exceeding the limitations of simply aesthetic conditions.



Award of Merit – La Quinta Art Celebration
Best of Painting – Brookside Annual Art Fair

3rd Mixed Media –  Armonk Outdoor Art Show

Award of Distinction 2D –  Naples National Art Show

Winner – The Woodlands Art Bench Competition Mystical Senses
Best of Mixed Media 2D – 
La Quinta Art Celebration
1st Mixed Media –
Coconut Grove Arts Festival

1st Painting – Beaux Arts Festival of the Arts
Award of Distinction – Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival

Winner – The Woodlands Art Bench Competition Proud Souls
Winner – The Woodlands Art Bench Competition Unmasked Symbiosis
Best of Show – Brookside Annual Art Fair
Award of Excellence – Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival

3rd Painting – Coconut Grove Arts Festival
1st Painting – Beaux Arts Festival of the Arts 

Best of Mixed Media 2D – Krasl Art Fair

Best of Show 2D MM – Uptown Art Festival
1st Mixed Media – Beaux Arts Festival of the Arts
2nd Mixed Media – Armonk Outdoor Art Show

1st Painting – Port Clinton Art Festival
Best of Show – Third Ward Art Festival
1st Painting – Lincolnshire Art Festival
Best of Show – Buffalo Grove Art Festival
Award of Merit – Art Fest Naples
3rd Painting – Space Coast Art Festival
Award of Excellence – Osceola Art Festival

4th Best of Show – Bayou City Art Festival
Outstanding Award – Gold Coast Art Festival
Best of Show – Art at the Glen Town Center
1st Painting – Lincolnshire Art Festival

Winner – 2011 ArtParis – Grand Palais [France] – Saatchi Online Gallery

SOLO Award – 2009 ArtExpo New York – Jacob Javits Convention Center – New York, NY


Spectrum Miami [Miami, FL]
Old Town Art Festival [Chicago, IL]
Des Moines Arts Festival [Des Moines, IA]
La Quinta Art Celebration [Palm Springs, CA]
Saint Louis Art Fair [St. Louis, MO]
Main St. Art Festival [Fort Worth, TX]
Plaza Art Fair [Kansas City, MO]
Winter Park Art Fair [Winter Park, FL]
Coconut Grove Art Festival [Coconut Grove, FL]
Sausalito Art Festival [Sausalito, CA]
Cherry Arts Festival at Stanley [Denver, CO]
Artisphere [Greenville, SC]
Dogwood Art Festival [Atlanta, GA]
Art in the Square [Southlake, TX]
Brookside Annual Art Fair [Kansas City, MO]
Krasl Art Fair [Saint Joseph, MI]
Port Clinton Art Festival [Highland Park, IL]
Art Expo New York [New York, NY]
Armonk Outdoor Art Show [Armonk, NY]
Bayou City Art Festival [Houston, TX]
Ann Arbor Street Art Fair [Ann Arbor, MI]
Bethesda Row Art Festival [Bethesda, MD]


‘Gaston, I hope you know how thankful we are to have met you. It’s with so much gratitude not only for your work, but the experience of you! From the moment Tony and I found your booth, to the multiple revisits, the private conversations, the decision we made as a couple, to you visiting our home!!! I called in two sets of neighbors because how could I keep such beautiful art to myself when there is a private art show in my drive. The installation, I will never forget. When this house was built it was waiting for your work, and we found you! So thanks for everything that went into the ‘experience’ we now have in our home. I’m so proud of it, so proud of you, and I’m filled with joy and gratitude. Our kids will grow up soaking in  your work, your talents, and I’m sure will inspire them in their childhood. How lucky are they to grow up with such exposure!’

Tony & Christine C. – St. Louis, MO

“I have four of your works and I experience them every day and it satisfies me very much. When art changes everything and wakes us up to not just the present but the past and the future, then it is like a new beginning where the forms and the colors take on a life force that is both random and precise with flashes of intelligent design with an archetypal presence that flows from the prehistoric self to our evolving future self.’

Kent Z. – Nixa, MO

‘Gaston… I received the painting today and to be honest i was a little nervous because this is the first piece of original art I have ever purchased. I’m just not confident in my abilities yet. All my fears were calmed when I unwrapped it and I realized immediately how lucky I am and what a special piece it is. It far exceeds my expectations and I’m so thankful of the opportunity to purchase your work. It looks fabulous in my house and I could not be more pleased……I will own it forever!!. I’m hoping I can purchase another Carrio original someday!! Keep me on the mailing list as I can’t wait to see your New York collection.’

Cody H. – Bethany, OK

‘Gaston: I wanted to write you a note and let you know how much I love this painting. I feel very lucky to have met you. It is apparent in your work the love and passion that you have in your artwork, Career and relationship. I will always look at this painting and feel the energy and love that was put into it. Please know that it will be loved and admired for my lifetime. Thank you again for the JOY it has brought me! I look forward to seeing more of your work.’

David Z. – Atlanta, GA

‘Gaston…he estado viendo tu trabajo en internet por meses. es una pena que jamas he visto uno de frente. Pero mi intuicion es segura. Estudio historia del arte y te considero uno de mis 5 favoritos….artistas contemporaneos. Es un placer grande para mi conocerte, tu arte ha traido a mi familia energia sublime, intriga y pasion. De veras muy orgulloso de conocerte. Gracias Carrio !!!!! de corazon. El universo bendiga tu talento y tu deber de hacernos mas felices con tus piezas.’

Jonay Di R. – North Carolina

‘Dear Gaston, we are delighted with our new piece of art that you so creatively painted for our foyer in our new condo. We are absolutely thrilled & everyone who has seen the painting admires your work. We will contact you with some thoughts for our next painting. Your painting makes us smile & brings joy into our home.’

Betsy & Nicks S. – Minneapolis, MN

‘Magnificent. As good as any Francis Bacon I’ve seen.’

Alex N. – Lake Forest, CA

‘Gaston, I am speechless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so amazed as to how you were able to create a visual which exists only in the recesses of my mind.  It will be the soul and focal point of our home.  I was afraid to send it to Jan thinking that she may have reservations.  She did not.  Whew! Wow! I find myself actually breathing hard just looking at it.  If we had never driven to Ann Arbor and met you this never would have become a reality! ‘

Drake & Jan N. – Lemoyne, PA

‘Dear Gaston, your painting arrived yesterday in good order. Bob was so helpful with the delivery.  When the painting emerged from its protective cover, Linda could only say, “Beautiful!  Beautiful!  It’s so beautiful!”  I totally agree!  We have someone coming Monday to install it in our living room. I will send you a photo when it’s in its proper place. We are so glad we met you and are very serious about acquiring another painting from you. I’ll send you a photo and dimensions of the wall soon. Linda and I are discussing possible choices now. We are planning to attend the March 2022 celebration, as well. Again, we are honored to display such beautiful art in our home!  You will be hearing from us shortly! God Bless!’

Linda & Richard R. – Ogden, UT

‘We saw Gaston’s work at the Clayton Arts Festival and immediately fell in love with it. We ended up buying quite a few pieces because they were exactly what we wanted for our home. I ended up having to ask Gaston to stop showing me more work, because if I saw it I’d want to buy it. His art is so dynamic, vibrant and heartfelt. You can really tell that he expresses himself fully through his work. We just moved to a new state a couple of months ago and his artwork has instantly helped make our new house feel like home. Thank you so much!’

Cristina & Richard J. – St. Louis, MO

‘I love abstract art. But I find nothing moves me. Your art did. I’m actually pretty amazed. This piece is incredibly beautiful. I would love to see this in a huge 5 by 3 with a very large solid black traditional frame. I love your work. I’m assuming your architectural background is what does it!. Bravo. If you were in Chicago, I’d hire you to teach me!’

Chicago, IL

‘I want to let you know I received Back of Mind II today and I’m not only impressed but extremely pleased with your work. I’m going to wire and hang it this weekend.’

Joseph B. – Palm Springs, CA

‘Gaston, Everyone here loves the painting! We actually put it in the front room behind the reception desk. I would be very interested in some similar sized paintings.’

Greg D. – Alpharetta, GA

‘I did receive the painting yesterday. I am an artist myself, and I find it extremely difficult to find art I actually admire and want to showcase in my home. Well…I found exactly what I was looking for and I am beyond pleased to be able to own an original piece of your work. I absolutely love it and I will be purchasing more from you in the future. Thanks again!’

Peter H. – Minneapolis, MN

‘Gaston, we had a party Saturday night and everyone was raving about Unglittered Whispers.  Once again, Melinda and I are so happy with this beautiful piece of art! You are a pleasure to work with.’

Melinda & Michael McC. – Dallas, TX

‘Gaston, Randy just called me. He loves them as much as I do! We definitely prefer the first set for that room. We expected something great, but those truly EXCEEDED those expectations. Can’t wait to see them on our wall. Thank you so much!!’

Shari & Randy Z. – Austin, TX