Born on December 20 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Started his studies at the School of Architecture, Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Six year program)

Employed as a Designer for RMB-Design Solutions, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Designer for Expo-Trade Shows and Retail Division.
Traveled for three months to Boston, MA to study English as a second language.

Traveled for two months to Madison, WI to study English as a second language.

Participated in Yearly International Exchange Program – School of Architecture – Ball State University, Muncie, IN, USA

Bachelor of Architecture, Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Argentinian Licensed Architect.
Invited by Ball State University to pursue a Master Program in Architecture – Received Scholarship + Assistantship.

Employed as Intern Designer at CSO-Architects, Indianapolis, IN, USA.

Employed as a Graduate Architect Designer at TVS-Design in Atlanta, GA, USA. (International Studio). Designed projects in China, Korea, UAE.

Started creating digital artwork using Architectural 3D software. Transitioned into mixed media paintings in a matter of months.
Started using Atlanta apartment as his painting studio.
Moved to Dubai, UAE for a period of six months (TVS-Design)

After returning from Dubai, designed one of the most important projects in his architectural career – Dubai Towers Beijing – 101 stories – 1,656 feet (for TVS-Design).
Moved art studio into a 2-car garage (400 sq.ft. open space).

Assisted SmartGeometry Workshop – Parametric Design to Manufacture – Munich, Germany (Tutor: Architect Brady Peters – Foster+Partners)
Developed personal relationship with the Chinese for a period of two years as a freelancer.
Invited by local Chinese Architect who built Beijing’s World Trade Center. Gets opportunity to implement his designs on local architectural competitions.

Received the ‘SOLO’ Award at Art Expo New York, USA for his latest painting series. Consequently, he published his first art book, “Art by Architect – New York 2009” (open edition).
His first personal architectural project was approved to be built in China for Mohawarean International Group (Beijing Office Space). Decided to move and live in Beijing to start his entrepreneurial architectural path –

Assisted SmartGeometry Workshop – Working Prototypes: Inflatable Fabric Envelops – Barcelona, Spain (Tutor: Axel Kilian, Ph.D, MIT)

Returned to USA – Employed by Nadel Architects, Los Angeles, CA, USA (International Studio)
Published his second art book, “2011 Collection: Los Caprichosos” (limited edition).

Gaston Carrio moved to Houston, Texas, where he decided to cease his architectural activities and pursue his artistic vision as a full-time artist. –

Exhibited for the first time at a local Art Festival – Bayou City Art Festival – where his artistic career took off. Started exhibiting at different art festivals all around the USA in the following years, receiving numerous awards as recognitions for his work. His paintings are being collected nationally and internationally.

Moved his art studio into a 2,500 sq.ft. open space in Houston, Texas.

Started reinvesting in necessary machinery and resumed training on latest technology to possibly transition into sculptural work.

Became a U.S. Citizen.
Won The Woodlands Art Council competition to design and build two permanent “Art Benches” installations for the city of Woodlands, Texas.
Started building his first sculpture at his Houston art studio.
Invested in specialized, hands-on training in metalforming in Boston, Massachusetts.

Won Award of Distinction at Winter Park Sidewalk Arts Festival in Winter Park, Florida, and First
Painting Award at Beaux Arts Festival of the Arts, University of Miami.
Installed mural scale, 2D mixed media public artwork in personal care facility in Kansas City,
Created multiple large-scale paintings for installation in private collector’s home in Lima, Peru.
Featured in Modern Magazine with biographical artist profile highlighting Unmasked Symbiosis
sculpture in The Woodlands, Texas.


Won prestigious Best of 2D Mixed Media Awards at both Coconut Grove Arts Festival in Coconut
Grove, Florida and La Quinta Arts Celebration in Palm Springs, California.
Created largest scale to date 2D mixed media painting from Steel Breeze series, now installed in
private collector’s residence in Boca Raton, Florida.
Acquired additional studio equipment, machinery, and technology to transform working space into
full-scale metalworking and woodworking sculpture studio.
Won The Woodlands Arts Council competition to design and build a third permanent art bench
sculpture for installation in the city of Woodlands, Texas.
Currently working on retrospective publication art book: Gaston Carrio.